We’ve seen vehicles jump over other vehicles and we’ve seen them fail spectacularly, too. The Triple F Collection and Love Cars collaborate once more for another jump showcasing what a six-wheeled Ram TRX can do. A lengthy new video details their second collaboration and the highlight of the show is an incredible jump that sees the truck sail effortlessly over a Tesla Model S.

About a year ago, the Triple F Collection team had a major failure in the same discipline resulting in a costly $20,000 repair for the truck. Following the crash, the front cross member pulled the frame together, which got the condenser and radiator, while completely ripping off the front left side of the axle. The monster truck is back to its former condition, however, which means it’s time for new adventures. Also, the jump has been reworked and is now taller and wider, and features a longer landing section.

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Thankfully, the result is much better this time. The six wheels propel the truck confidently, turning gravity into a mere suggestion. This successful jump is a triumphant return for the poor TRX and we have to admit everything went smoothly. Love Cars’ hosts Paul Woodman and Tiff Needell also seem impressed by the truck’s capabilities.

Speaking of the Ram TRX featured in this video, it’s probably worth reminding you that this six-wheeled version came out in July 2021 as the Warlord by Apocalypse Manufacturing. This automotive beast features an extra axle for two more powered wheels, giving it unrivaled control and grip. Its distinctive middle axle, combined with 37-inch mud-terrain tires and an 18-inch wheel setup, ensures more traction when it is needed. A rugged 0.25-inch thick steel frame at the rear adds toughness. Priced at $250,000, it's not just exactly cheap but as you can see, it can do stunts not many other vehicles can't do.

There are no changes under the hood but even in stock form, the TRX is pretty capable. There is a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine under the hood, packing a punch with 702 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque. Its eight-speed automatic transmission channels that power to all six wheels.

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