We know that the 2021 Ram TRX can jump, and do it well. In our first drive of the 702-horsepower (524-kilowatt) pickup from back in October, we got a little bit of air time in the TRX on a closed off-road course. But it's nothing like what you're about to see in this video.

The owner of the YouTube channel StreetSpeed717 recently took delivery of a brand-new Ram TRX. So naturally, one of the first things he did was see how high the TRX could actually fly. For context, a previous video on that same channel tells us that this particular TRX costs $93,000 with options – so it would be a pricey repair if damaged. Some of those options include a rear Ram bar, a bed-mounted spare tire, and a bed step, which you can see in his full walkaround.

But to find out exactly how much air the TRX can get (without being totaled), this YouTuber decided to launch the truck off of a homemade dirt ramp and into a muddy field, using his modded Ford Raptor as the benchmark. This is the point where we should probably note, don't try this at home.

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Before the driver of the TRX takes flight, though, he first makes sure that the TRX is in the correct mode. Ticking the drive mode selector to Baja – also known as the TRX's dedicated jump mode – sharpens the throttle and steering inputs to accommodate tricky terrain, and allows for even more suspension travel. And that suspension is built tough out of the box. The undercarriage of the TRX is 74-percent different from the Rebel, with Bilstein Blackhawk active shock absorbers that produce anywhere from 22 to 2,000 pounds of damping force at each corner.

With all that said, the driver guns it toward the jump. But with 702-hp in a muddy field, it's hard to keep the wheels on the ground – so he bails on the first go. But with more traction on the second time around, the TRX barrels down the trail and hits the jump at about 50 miles per hour. And this thing flies. It's hard to tell exactly how much air the TRX got, but the driver notes that it well exceeds the air time he got in his Raptor.

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