The BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe features an extra pair of doors to create a compact sport sedan. These spy shots show that a new generation of the little four-door is now under development. Our spies anticipate production beginning in late 2024.

The front end features an odd layout for BMW's kidney grilles. A small version of them is in the center of the nose. Plus, there are two larger openings flanking them. The development team puts white mesh in the bigger sections, but these pieces don't seem to be production-spec parts.

Gallery: Next-Gen BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe Spy Photos

The lower fascia has trapezoidal openings on each side, and the testing team hides these sections with white mesh like the panels in the kidney grilles. A broad center section has two crossbars and five vertical slats.

A sharp crease cutting through the door handles runs down each side's shoulder line. The car rides on wheels with Y-shaped spokes and a machined finish.

The rear has taillights with a roughly oval shape, and they extend into the trunk. The bumper doesn't appear to be a production part because of a boxy reflectors on each side. A muffler is visible underneath the car, but the exhaust pipes are not exposed.

The photos don't provide even a glimpse into the cabin. 

The powertrain range is also a mystery, but the new 2 Series Gran Coupe reportedly rides on an evolution of the model's current platform. This means it would be front-wheel drive as standard but all-wheel drive would be available.

This is probably among the last BMWs with a combustion engine. By 2025, it expects 25 percent of sales to be fully electric, and the proportion would inrease to 33 perceent in 2026, according to the automaker's plans. The goal is to deliver over 10 million EVs a year by 2030.

BMW is developing its Neue Klasse platform specifically for future EVs. The first product using these underpinnings should arrive in 2025 and reportedly revives the i3 name. The batteries for these models would have 20 percent higher energy density and 30 percent better packaging effiency than the packs the automaker currently uses. It can support up to four electric motors, and outputs can range from 268 horsepower to 1,341 hp.

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