Take a close look at the camouflaged vehicles in this fresh set of spy shots from Colorado, specifically the one next to the white Cadillac Lyriq. This is our first taste of Cadillac's small electric crossover, as-yet-unnamed but sized like an XT4. It also holds a similar overall shape to the XT4, but underneath the skin, it's obviously completely different.

To Cadillac's credit, the prototype is well-concealed despite an apparent lack of heavy covers. The front clip is solid – an ode to its electric powertrain that doesn't require a large cooling system. That means the camo wrap seals everything up nice and tight, but a really close look reveals narrow trim at the top of that solid grille. Vertically-oriented lights take position at the sides but these are clearly placeholders, bracketing the outline of the grille that we expect will look similar to that used on the larger Lyriq.

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At the back there are more placeholder lights, but they aren't just down low. We see temporary round LEDs running up along the rear window, suggesting the crossover will have similar wraparound lights along the back glass. Unlike the Lyriq, there's no evidence the lights stretch immediately beneath the glass but a strip could be concealed beneath the wrap. It's worth noting the XT4 also features high-mount vertical taillights, but none exist further down as we see here. The new crossover could adopt styling cues from both the XT4 and Lyriq.

We're also treated to a detailed look at the interior of this parked prototype. There's only one image available, glimpsing the greenhouse through the passenger window but we can see a wide digital screen similar to the Lyriq, encompassing both driver and center displays into a single unit. It looks smaller in this application, but this is a small crossover so the size difference makes sense. Heavy covers hide pretty much everything else, but this photo is enough to show a clear difference between the interior of this compact EV versus the compact XT4.

And no, we won't ignore the other camouflaged prototype here. It's certainly not another small Cadillac, and actually, we don't believe it's a Cadillac at all. Our spy sources don't have close-up photos available yet, but it's clearly larger. Based on the C-pillar design, it could be a future Buick EV for the North American market.

As both of these vehicles are well camouflaged and fitted with temporary lighting, we aren't expecting an official debut anytime soon. We're likely looking at 2025 models with reveal timeframes sometime next year.

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