Here's a battle of tuned Japanese sports coupes from decades apart. A modern Toyota Supra challenges an S15 Nissan Silvia available in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

The Supra features the stock 3.0-liter inline-six engine but with a new turbo, downpipes, exhaust. An ECU tune makes the most from the modifications. The upgrades bring the output to around 600 horsepower, which is a significant upgrade over the stock 382 hp. These mods cost the equivalent of about $7,640 (6,000 pounds).

The Silvia owner estimates he has at least $102,000 (80,000 pounds) into the car's modification. The overhauled engine now displaces 2.2 liters rather than the stock 2.0 liters. A gargantuan turbo is also under the hood. This setup allows the Japanese coupe to make about 700 hp. For comparison, the turbocharged powerplant from the factory produces 247 hp.

Things begin with heads-up drag races. The Toyota has an eight-speed automatic, while the Nissan has a traditional manual. Launching the Silvia just right is tough, and the Supra has no problem winning these challenges.

Next, they race from a roll, which evens the odds because the skill of launching is gone. The first run is from 30 miles per hour in second gear. The two cars are neck-and-neck for a bit. Then, the Silvia builds enough boost and rockets away.

They re-run the race at 50 mph in third gear. It takes a little longer for the Silvia's engine to spool up enough boost, but the Nissan scores another victory. 

The final race has both cars in their top gear. The vehicles gain speed slowly, but the Silvia manages to boost its turbo first to take the victory.

According to a rumor from 2022, Nissan allegedly plans to revive the Silvia name for an electric sports car that reportedly arrives in 2025. Unfortunately, there are no additional details available.

For much of its run, the Silvia was at the lower end of Nissan's performance car lineup. The Z and Skyline GT-R offered better performance but at a higher price. You could compare its positioning to the Toyota Celica where buyers could upgrade to a Supra for more muscle.

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