These days, many people are happy to leave their jobs and houses and begin a new life on the road. And no, we are not talking about a full-time job as a trucker but a life with a camper van as the main place of residence. We’ve already shared several stories about young couples and their homes on wheels with you and today, we would like to introduce you to Kelsey and Magnum and their camper van named Betty.

This relatively small camper van started its life as a white 1999 Dodge Ram 3500 van, which was the third and final generation of the company’s B-series van. It debuted for the 1998 model year when the model saw its most substantial redesign since its original 1971 release. The biggest change over its predecessor was the position of the powertrain, which was moved further forward in the chassis for safety reasons. But that’s enough for the donor vehicle – let’s talk about why this couple decided to move from a traditional house to a house on wheels.

Kelsey and Magnum initially wanted to have a summer home and explore the United States during the holiday season. When they returned to their three-bedroom house after the first big trip, they decided they don’t need so much space and, as people working in education, don’t want to live a life full of stress. Simply put, they wanted to live a simpler life and explore as much as possible during their free time. 

What’s inside their Dodge camper van? For starters, the cabin features just the driver’s seat as there’s no passenger seat for more room. When the couple travels, Kelsey sits next to the driver in a jump seat sourced from an older Dodge van. Everything in the living area looks unpretentious but very practical and smartly built. There are many cabinets and storage compartments (most finished in green), and a fixed queen bed.

What are the couple’s plans for the future? Neither Kelsey nor Magnum is entirely sure what the future holds for them, but there are surely more adventures coming and new places they are going to visit. Maybe even Canada soon? Sure, this is what life on the road looks like.

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