The standard formula for a do-it-yourself camper conversion usually has living space in the front with a bedroom in the back. In between, you typically find kitchen and bathroom accommodations, and for those who travel with tools or other miscellaneous equipment, a garage space is sometimes built overtop the bed in the back. This clever conversion flips that around, creating a neat full-time home with plenty of room to stretch out.

Featured on the Tiny Home Tours YouTube channel, owners Shane and Shelby decided to outfit this Ford E-450 box van with a big living room at the back. There's space for a huge L-shaped couch and a swivel table that serves double duty as a desk. The entrance to the camper is on the driver's side at the back, allowing the duo to simply step inside and crash on the sofa after a long day of exploring.

Ford Box Truck Camper Conversion
Ford Box Truck Camper Conversion

The rear entrance also creates a perfect divide for the kitchen. It's simple yet effective with a two-burner propane stove hooked into the van's propane supply. A small sink is connected to 40 gallons of onboard fresh water, as is the shower directly across from it. A simple compost toilet is in the shower, and a propane heater provides hot water when needed.

Mounted up high at the front is the bedroom, which extends partly over the cab and is large enough for a queen-sized bed. The front portion of the van also serves as something of a garage, as the bed is mounted on a platform that lifts up to reveal plenty of storage space. This is where the water tank is located, and it's also command central for the van's power supply. At present, there's a 3,000-watt inverter with 800 amp hours from batteries and 300 watts of solar power. It's enough to suit their needs, though using the roof-mounted air conditioner does require shore power.

The clever interior design also allows a pass-through directly to the cab without having to move anything. In fact, there's even enough room in this layout for the couple to have an old-school record player for enjoying the warm sounds of music on vinyl.


Chronicling their travels on Instagram, Shane and Shelby thus far appear to be enjoying the journey. Unassuming on the outside but spacious and posh within, their van certainly looks like a cozy way to see the world.

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