Camper vans provide adventurous go-getters with a blank canvas to build their mobile life. Custom builds have become incredibly popular, with people tailoring their vehicles to their wants and needs. One couple did just that, creating a custom Freightliner Sprinter camper van with a trick "guest room."

The camper van might look small outside, but there's plenty of room inside. A full-size bed sits at the back, forming the rear-accessible garage. The couple went with a full-size bed so they'd have more living space at the front. A small dining area separates the bedroom from the kitchen. This area features a folding table, with the fridge and freezer units hidden under one of the benches. The other bench hides the composting toilet.

The main kitchen area with counter space on each side of the van is located toward the front of the vehicle. One side features the sink and induction cooktop. Underneath it is extra storage and a pantry with slide-out drawers. An earlier version of the build had fixed shelves, which were a pain to deal with and quickly replaced. Above the sink and stove are extra storage cubbies.

The other counter is a multi-purpose workspace with an extendable table accessible from the swiveling front passenger seat. The space also houses the cat's litter box, which is located right by the door for easy cleanup, along with additional storage cubbies. Everything in the van runs off electricity. Five-hundred fifty watts of solar panels on the roof feed the lithium batteries, which allow for off-grid living.

The extra "guest room" the camper offers isn't really a room. The owners have a hammock running through the dining room and kitchen. It's high enough that a person sleeping in it doesn't touch the top of the counters. An additional person could sleep on the floor underneath, accommodating up to four people.

The entire build cost the couple about $60,000, who spent $28,000 on the Freightliner Sprinter, with about another $28,000 spent on building the conversion and the rest on the tools to complete it. They went over their budget, opting for better wiring throughout the build and an upgraded freezer.

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