The Ford Bronco Raptor has many fans, and as such, there are many opinions on what makes the off-roader better or worse. Spend some time perusing online forums and social media outlets and you'll see what we mean. We suspect Ford surfs the digital halls of the internet absorbing all kinds of Bronco feedback, as the off-roader pictured here might be in response to some of those opinions.

We technically call these spy shots as we're pretty sure they show a vehicle Ford doesn't want you to see just yet. Our photographer snapped a few images of a Bronco Raptor in motion, and as you can see, it's tough to miss. Bright accents on the beadlock-capable wheels and checkered Raptor graphics at the rear appear to be Code Orange in color, contrasting sharply with the dark exterior color believed to be Shelter Green. Bright tow hooks at the front also get the Code Orange treatment, and there are graphics on the hood as well.

Gallery: 2024 Ford Bronco Raptor Spy Photos

Of particular interest are the beefy Bronco Raptor fender flares. They aren't textured, unfinished plastic but painted to match the body. This is one of those opinions we mentioned earlier, as there are folks who absolutely adore the unfinished look and others who want body-colored arches. Right now, Ford doesn't offer a painted option for the flares, and we don't see anything on this particular Bronco to suggest it's an aftermarket creation. So perhaps Ford will dish up a new appearance option for the 2024 Raptor.

We contacted Ford in hopes of digging up some preliminary info, but at this time, the automaker's official stance is no comment. But a spokesperson did say more details were coming later, so it's quite possible we're getting an unofficial preview of a new appearance package right now.

We see nothing different body-wise, and there's no reason to expect any kind of refresh. The Bronco Raptor debuted in January 2022 and didn't reach dealerships until later in the year, so it's still a fresh face in the aggressive off-road market. And with 418 horsepower from its twin-turbochared 3.0-liter V6 driving all four 37-inch tires, it's certainly not lacking for power or capability.

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