Miniature car models wildly vary in detail. Some are shoddy pieces of plastic that have little resemblance to their real-world counterparts, while others are exquisite recreations of full-size automobiles. These models in the right scene can look like the real thing, which the video above demonstrates.

The Miniature Automobiles YouTube channel clip highlights Nischay Sharma’s 1:18-scale pickup truck collection. It includes a mini Ford F-150 Raptor, Mercedes-AMG G63 6x6, Mercedes-Benz X-Class, and Isuzu D-Max. The trucks are shot in various scenes and detailed dioramas, like a quaint garage, with the Raptor and 6x6 also showing off their off-road capabilities.

The D-Max and X-Class feature working tailgates, which are shown packed with miniature boxes from brands like Michelin. The 6x6’s detailed suspension is for more than just looks. The massive model features a working rear suspension with a robust amount of travel, adding to its lifelike appearance.

His collection extends well beyond pickups, with cars from Toyota, Skoda, Audi, Mercedes, Volvo, and many more. He also has many more dioramas, including an auto parts store, a gas station, a residential neighborhood, and a large Mercedes dealership. He even has miniature car models with mini rooftop tents.

Many of Nischay’s videos show off his 1:18-scale models, which are on the smaller and more affordable side of things. Amalgam’s 1:8-scale models can easily command five figures, with the replica of the Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Venet costing $18,237. The attention to detail certainly adds to the price tag, as does exclusivity. Amalgam’s 16.4 Grand Sport model was rarer than the car itself, with Bugatti making 150 cars to Amalgam’s 99 models.

Toy models are just one aspect of a larger automotive community that includes other fun toys like RC cars and easily collectible Hot Wheels. A new Forza Motorsport game continues the long-running franchise on the latest console generation sometime this year, while Gran Turismo 7 continues to receive updates with new cars and features. Fast X has made over half a billion dollars worldwide since its release. And the new Toyota Tacoma is available with a manual transmission.

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