Lotus isn't wasting any time with testing on its forthcoming electric sedan. We mean that figuratively and literally in this case, because the smoke you see from this prototype isn't related to an engine. These poor tires are fighting a losing battle between horsepower, weight, and tarmac at the Nurburgring.

Cycling through the series of fresh spy shots, it looks like the driver overcooked the corner but our photographer tells us this isn't a slide. Apparently, the Lotus wheelman was rather aggressive with the throttle through the turn, lighting up the inside front wheel as the weight shifted away from it. Indeed, cycling through the photos we see the smoke let up just a bit, then come back hard as the car accelerates out of the corner.

Gallery: Lotus Type 133 Electric Sedan Nurburgring Spy Photos

The smoking tire also serves as a metaphorical smoking gun in this case, confirming an all-wheel-drive layout for the forthcoming electric sedan. That was pretty much a given, what with it tied to the Eletre SUV and all. But this display of power also suggests the sedan will be available in the same 905-hp trim as the Eletre R. That would elevate the Type 133 to an exclusive arena of super sedans, bumping elbows with the Lucid Air and Tesla Model S.

Mechanical components won't be the only features shared by the Eletre. As with previous sightings, we can see the SUV's design influence in the sedan's face. There's a similar split-light motif with a thin grille, and there's no missing the side-view cameras on the doors in place of mirrors. This also leads us to believe there will be similarities inside as well. The Eletre uses a thin digital display directly in front of the driver, augmented with a large landscape-oriented center touchscreen.

Of course, it won't actually be called the Lotus Type 133. That's the sedan's internal designation, but we've heard the names Envya and Etude tossed around. Whatever it's named, we think an official debut could take place by the end of the year.

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