Months of spy photos and official teasers will soon come to fruition in a next-generation DB from Aston Martin. Believed to be called the DB12, it officially debuts at 6:01 pm today, just a few hours as of this post going live. But the folks from Gaydon have one last teaser to share before then.

This time around, they have two-time Formula One champ Fernando Alonso helping with the pomp and circumstance. Having joined Aston Martin's F1 team this year, he leads off the short teaser video by telling us all that "being good is not enough." It feels a bit awkward since Aston Martin's catchphrase for the new DB teaser campaign has been "grand is not enough" but the point comes through clearly. The DB11 successor will be a step above the rest. At least, that's what Aston Martin is aiming for.


In addition to Alonso's words, the video (shared on Aston Martin's social media accounts) offers quick glimpses of Aston Martin badges, a familiar Aston Martin grille, and fender vents that also carry Aston Martin branding. It's finished with a proper shade of green, and then Alonso talks about being fierce in the current competitive landscape. Do the teaser images match the messaging? We'll leave that up for debate.

Stepping away from the teaser train, we've had quite a few prototype sightings that show a very familiar DB11 shape beneath a camouflage body wrap. It's not enough to hide some of the next-gen DB's design features, such as the larger grille and teardrop headlights that appear to draw inspiration from the Valhalla. At the rear, things actually look much like the current DB11 with a similar lower fascia and taillight design. It's possible that the taillights could be connected in the middle with a light that spans the decklid. As for the interior, a previous teaser revealed plenty of tactile controls in the center console.

As for power, rumors say the V12 will stick around but we've definitely heard V8 prototypes in action. There's no sign of electrification at this time, but it's likely just around the corner.

Stand by for more information coming later today. We will have everything you need to know about the latest Aston Martin right here at 6:01 pm Eastern time.

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