A well-intentioned driver going on Florida’s Route 331 caused a chain reaction that could have ended in a very unfortunate way.

As documented in the video embedded above, shared by the Walton County Sheriff’s Office, the driver of the black pickup truck stopped on the left lane of the highway to allow a small turtle to cross the road, which prompted all the other cars coming from behind to swerve and brake hard to avoid an accident.

However, an incoming semi truck was unable to stop in time and crashed into at least two cars that were stopped on the road, including the black pickup that was at the front of the pack. The big rig eventually ended up on the wrong side of the road, where there was no oncoming traffic.

On the official Facebook page of the Walton County Sheriff’s Office, where the video was originally posted and later shared on KRPC Houston’s YouTube channel, law enforcement representatives described the accident as follows:

This morning's crash was the result of a motorist stopping on 331 S to let a turtle cross the highway. A decision that caused a chain reaction affecting multiple vehicles including a large semi, which SURPRISE, doesn’t exactly stop on a dime. Or a silver dollar for that matter. Thankfully, there were no serious injuries.

While no ill intentions were meant, trying to avoid or assist an animal who has made its way onto a busy road can cause you or other drivers life-threatening injuries.

So, when you come across this predicament in the future and find yourself asking, “to swerve or not to swerve” or “to stop and protect” we hope the answer will now be an obvious one.

Be safe out there. We’re here if you need us.

The police added that residents and visitors alike should marvel at the many species that call Florida home, just preferably not in the middle of the road. The turtle survived, according to the Sheriff’s Office, but the smashed vehicles will need to visit a body shop before they can go back on the road.

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