The owner of a modified Ford Mustang from the previous generation dropped by ArabGT to have his supercharged pony car reviewed. Things didn't go as planned as he wasn't able to drive it home. With 800 horsepower going to the rear wheels, the car was unfortunately too much to handle for the reviewer. Yes, he crashed the tail-happy GT while shooting the video. Despite the setback, the clip was still published on YouTube.

So, what happened? Well, drifting in a parking lot on a less-than-ideal surface isn't the best of ideas. ArabGT blames it on the lack of a circuit in Iraq where car enthusiasts would have the chance to practice their hobby. It was fairly obvious from the 0-60 mph test that the high-powered 'Stang and the dirty road weren't a match. The driver had a bit of an issue keeping the car in a straight line due to the 5.0-liter V8's immense power and poor traction.

2018 Ford Mustang GT: Review

Things went south after the reviewer went through all the modifications made to the car and started doing donuts followed by a few drifts. It didn't take long until he lost control of the modded Ford and slammed into a curb, right in front of the owner’s eyes. The car sustained significant damage, varying from a broken rear axle to a dented roof. Its rear is barely recognizable anymore, but hopefully, it'll be back on the road sooner rather than later.

ArabGT claims they had been scouting for a location to record the video for about a month before settling to shoot the footage in an almost empty parking lot. The 800-hp RWD car and slippery surface proved to be an unfortunate combo, but seeing the glass half full, the reviewer – who was wearing the seatbelt at the moment of impact – made it out alive without a single scratch.

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