The next-generation Toyota Tacoma is almost here, but fresh spy photos from Michigan might give us a preview of a special new trim. We think this is the overlanding-themed Tacoma Trailhunter, and though there's plenty of camouflage hiding the truck, there's some strong evidence that supports our theory.

Before we get to Trailhunter, let's first make sure this is a Tacoma. That's easily done, as we're clearly dealing with a mid-size truck that matches the edgy shape of the new Taco. Looking closely at the front, we can see the headlight design is match to both leaked images, and to Toyota's official Trailhunter teaser photos. The wheels also match up with Toyota teasers, so there's no question we're dealing with the forthcoming Tacoma.

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Now, what about this being a Trailhunter? Our spy sources point out the combination of the crew cab with a longer bed, something we likely won't see on the TRD Pro trim. The ride height of this truck also doesn't quite fit with our vision of a TRD Pro, though the camouflage could be throwing off perspective just a bit. However, it definitely wears meaty tires for clawing through rough terrain. The rear bumper looks similar to the one in the Trailhunter teaser, though sadly we can't see red recovery hooks. Up top, there's obviously a rack bolted to the truck's roof. And what do we have on the passenger side? That would be a snorkel.

All this being said, it's certainly possible there's a TRD Pro with upgraded equipment under all that camouflage. It's worth noting that the wheel design matches a teaser image for what we believe is the TRD Pro model, complete with TRD on the center cap. The wheels on this test vehicle have no center cap, but there's nothing saying a Tacoma Trailhunter can ride on TRD wheels. And the longer bed certainly fits with a vehicle designed to carry tents and camping gear for off-grid getaways.

Fortunately, we don't have long to wait before getting full disclosure. Toyota has confirmed the next-gen Tacoma will debut on May 19, Trailhunter trim and all.

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