The 2024 Ford Mustang debuted in September last year, bringing a revamped 2.3-liter turbo EcoBoost engine, an available V8 mill, and a big technology upgrade over the outgoing model. Among the newly introduced tech are a dual-screen dashboard layout with SYNC4 infotainment system, Unreal Engine software, and a new feature that Ford calls Remote Rev. It gets detailed for the first time today and the automaker will soon make it available for the 5.0 V8 models with an automatic transmission and the 2.3 EcoBoost variants fitted with Ford Active Exhaust.

As its name implies, the Remote Rev feature lets you rev the engine of your 2024 Mustang through the key fob. We will explain the exact procedure of activating the feature below but bear in mind it is only available when the engine has reached its optimal temperature after a cold start.

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If you want to activate the system, first you have to start the engine of the car. You can do this by either using the remote engine start function on the key fob or by manually starting the engine. Alternatively, you can use the FordPass app. In the second step, you have to press the unlock and lock buttons on the key fob sequentially within three seconds to activate the feature and the engine will rev to 2,000 rpm to indicate the feature is active.

In the third step, you have to press the unlock and lock buttons again and the engine will then rev three times to up to 5,000 rpm. The red line is preprogrammed to a safe level for the engine. After the three revs, the feature will stay in standby mode and you can reactivate it by pressing the unlock and lock buttons again.

Ford also celebrates the Mustang’s 59th birthday by launching a dedicated Instagram page for the sports car. The Blue Oval automaker promises to publish “Mustang culture and lifestyle” content on the page and you can check it out at this link.

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