Motorhomes that people build from school buses, known as skoolies, are a whole segment of the RV scene. Lauren and Kevin created this 40-foot rig they call Skout that has all of the amenities of a small apartment.

One of the major upgrades to Skout is raising the roof by 13 inches. This provides lots of additional headroom and creates space for rows of high-mounted cabinets.

This couple cooks a lot, so they give the skoolie a big kitchen. It includes an eight-foot countertop and a roll-out prep surface. There's also a three-burner, propane cooktop. A floor-to-ceiling pantry provides a place to store food.

Kevin works from home full-time, so Skout needs an office for him. This space also includes a lounge that the couple can share.

This bus is big enough that there's even space for a washer and dryer. This is a rare feature for a motorhome.

The bathroom is the next spot in the skoolie. It features a separate shower, sink, and toilet. Sliding doors on each side provide privacy in there.

In the next hallway, there are closets, and the couple's bed is at the very back. There's even room for their dogs to look out the rear window. A projector and screen offer a place to watch movies and TV.

While the interior has a bright, airy aesthetic, the exterior wears a matte black body and white roof. The top has 3,080 watts of solar panels. A variety of cameras offer a better view of what's going on outside the bus. There are also lights for illuminating the exterior at night. At the back, there's a hitch for the couple to tow their Jeep.

The couple had to downsize their possessions to live full-time in Skout. However, it was worthwhile for them. They've already driven from Florida to Montana. Their goal now is to visit all 50 states in the skoolie.

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