With electric vehicles relative newcomers to the automotive scene, it's easy to forget the Porsche Taycan is already several years old. It first hit the scene in 2019, and a mid-cycle refresh is well underway. We've seen numerous prototypes out and about in recent months, but this video offers a particularly clear view of what we can expect from the updated EV.

Both a standard Taycan sedan and Sport Turismo wagon are seen here, carving through the snowy roads of Sweden for winter testing and evaluation. At a glance, one might not realize these are prototypes but Porsche excels at hiding things in plain sight. A new front fascia is coming, which can be seen by taking a close look at the bottom.

Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo Facelift Spy Screenshot

Current models have prominent pillars in the lower opening, but the space is largely unobstructed here. That could change between different trim levels, and the shape of the lower opening looks more rounded at the corners despite an angular appearance due to black tape. More black tape conceals redesigned vents on the ends of the fascia, which could also have a round shape. At this point, the headlights look identical to the current Taycan, but lenses with new internal components could arrive before the updated model debuts.

At the back, a combination of black coverings and road grime make it difficult to suss out differences. On both Taycan prototypes, it appears the lower fascia and taillights are unchanged. That's in contrast to previous spy photos showing a plethora of black wrap and coverings around the fascia and lights. The road grime could be throwing us off, or it's possible these vehicles have standard rear designs while testing other components. And it's also possible the previous sightings were a ruse, attempting to hide changes that don't exist.

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Our spy sources talk of a potential tri-motor electric powertrain that could bring 1,000 horsepower to the updated Taycan. It's possible we could be looking at test mules here, wearing some updated body bits while keeping the rear less conspicuous. That could help draw less attention from onlookers, because a 1,000-hp Taycan is certainly an attention-getter. It would bring Porsche into the realm of ultra-fast luxury EVs from Lucid and Tesla.

When will know for sure? We believe these are 2024 models being evaluated, which means a debut could come before the end of 2023.

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