The ND - Woodworking Art YouTube channel makes wood look like some sort of magical material that can turn into anything. In the skilled hands of an artist, chunky blocks of wood are assembled and shaved into all sorts of vehicles – from concept cars to tanks. The channel’s latest creation puts a spin on one of the most luxurious brands on sale today – Rolls-Royce. And it’s not just any model. The channel built a drivable, custom six-wheeled version.

The build begins modestly, with the floor being cut into shape and reinforced with a metal chassis. The Rolls-Royce slowly comes together, with the axles, electric motor, and steering rack installed next. The body is slowly assembled with blocks of wood that need to be cut and shaved into shape. The wood’s hard, jagged edges slowly turn into soft curves and gentle rolls, with the car’s silhouette shifting to resemble that of a modern Rolls-Royce. The upright hood, commanding fenders, and flat hood are pretty noticeable, and the truncated greenhouse looks familiar.

Once the car has been carved into the right shape, the team begins adding the details. Cutouts make way for the headlights and taillights, while bumper guards toughen the vehicle’s exterior aesthetic. Inside and through the suicide doors is a wood center console with working compartment doors. It even has detailed wooden seats with seat brackets and removable headrests. The car has an intricate dashboard with illuminated dial, wooden vents, and fake knobs. 

The final bit of the build added the badges, wheel logos, and a wooden version of the Rolls’ Spirit of Ecstasy statue atop the prominent grille. The car even features a functioning trunk, with the video later showing the father-and-son duo heading to the market and buying flowers. They put them in the trunk.

The ND - Woodworking Art YouTube channel is packed with videos of the various wooden builds it has completed, many of which are large enough to carry an adult and child. It’s easy to buy a plastic Jeep from the big-box store, but as we’ve seen over the last few years, kid-sized cars are more popular than ever.

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