If someone stole their kid's favorite toy, most dads would go get it back. The father behind the ND - Woodworking Art YouTube channel has a different reaction, though. Over the course of 96 days, he builds his son a huge, drivable replica of the little boy's lost Lamborghini Vision Gran Turismo model car.

The builder starts by welding together a frame out of sections of steel. He also fits an electrically powered rear axle and a suspension. At the press of a button, panels at the front and rear can open and close.

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Next, the really impressive part starts. The builder starts cutting pieces of dark-colored wood to serve as the floor of the vehicle. He then mixes lumber with red and brown hues to form the bulk of the bodywork. The creator uses a planer to get just the right styling for the exterior.

Adding the details makes the wooden Lamborghini Vision Gran Turismo look even better. He creates a template for the wheel design and cuts out the intricate shape of the spokes.

Watching the steering wheel come together is even more fascinating. The builder starts with a big chunk of wood and uses chisels to pare away the material until it looks just like the one on the Lambo.

Light strips are the final touch to add. They are in a mix of blue, purple, amber, and red. The bands on the front fenders even function as turn signals.

The final bit of the video is the father and son taking a ride in this wooden Lamborghini Vision Gran Turismo. It's not fast but looks amazing with the lights shining on the road. 

The Lamborghini Vision Gran Turismo debuted in November 2019 as a concept for the eponymous video game. It featured a dramatic appearance with lots of sharp edges. An angular cockpit evoked the look of a Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk aircraft.

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