By now, you're likely familiar with the wild-looking wagon featured in this video, at least on the outside. For those that aren't, it's a 1983 Subaru GL wagon called the Family Huckster, built specifically for crazy Gymkhana action at the hands of Travis Pastrana. That is, it looks like a boxy 1983 Subie. But aside from side mirrors and taillights, the similarities end there.

We've already shared a detailed look at this purpose-built racer, but in case you missed it (or prefer a brief clip to a half-hour walkaround), here's a look at what's underneath the retro bodywork. It starts with a 2022 WRC-spec custom tube chassis, nearly matching the OG Subaru GL for wheelbase though the Huckster is a foot wider. The build process gives us a clear look at just how big the car's roof scoop is, a feature often obscured by the roof rails.

Gallery: 1983 Subaru GL Wagon Family Huckster At Goodwood

25 seconds into the video we're greeted by a six-speed sequential transmission. It sends power to all four wheels as Subarus do. It's followed by something Subies don't do, at least on purpose – extending and retracting a movable rear wing as part of the wagon's active aero package. At 39 seconds we glimpse the Subaru's 862-horsepower boxer four-cylinder engine, or rather, we glimpse parts of it. Apparently, extracting massive power from such a small mill requires advanced technology not fit for prying eyes, as portions of the powerplant are digitally blacked out.

We finally begin to see wagon body panels made from carbon fiber arrive around a minute in. By this time, suspension components, wiring, and much of the powertrain are in place. We see the dash – a replica mold from the '83 GL – formed and installed, and oh yeah, there's one more original item. That's a legit Subaru stereo with an equalizer mounted to the floor. The rest of the video involves final assembly and other details like the retro-inspired body wrap.

It looks deceptively simple, but one doesn't build a racing wagon that jumps bodies of water in 3 minutes, 34 seconds. If you haven't seen the Family Huckster in action, check out Travis Pastrana's recent Gymkhana video to see the fruits of all that labor.

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