The Subaru Family Huckster is finally ready for its star turn in Gymkhana 2022. Travis Pastrana slides and jumps the 862-horsepower (643-kilowatts) around Florida. He incurs a serious injury along the way, but the car has nothing to do with the trauma to him.

The action kicks off with Pastrana lounging on the beach. He gets into the nearby Family Huckster and hits the road for the video's first big stunt. Pastrana jumps the Subaru off a bridge and onto a row of highway dividers. The car grinds across them like a giant skateboard.

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Later, Pastrana pushes the Family Huckster to top speed on a long bridge. The speedometer shows 165 mph (266 kph), and a jet flies in to match the car's velocity.

All of that speed is necessary for Pastrana to complete a massive jump. He covers an entire span of a bridge in the air. The Family Huckster comes down for a hard landing. In the outtakes during the credits, it appears that one attempt resulted in damage to the Subaru's nose.

This isn't the only bridge jump in Gymkhana 2022. To up the ante, Pastrana also hops over a span with no solid ground underneath. To add to the challenge, there's a hovering helicopter to get over.

Pastrana's injury happens at the very end after the credits. He does a BASE jump off a building but hits the ground hard. He thinks he has a cracked pelvis, and the medics believe there's a possibility of internal damage.

The Family Huckster is supposed to look like an early 1980s Subaru GL. However, it has a 3d-modeled tube frame and a carbon-fiber tub. Pastrana can deploy active aero elements from the fenders and a rear wing when he needs additional downforce for a stunt. Power comes from a turbocharged 2.3-liter boxer engine.

The retro-looking wagon has plenty of performance ability. At the 2022 Goodwood Hillclimb, it was the fourth-quickest competitor with a time of 46.2 seconds.

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