You might recall Travis Pastrana's Family Huckster Subaru GL wagon from being one of the quickest cars at the 2022 Goodwood Hillclimb and jumping over a bridge in Florida. Now, it's in the Hoonigan studio for a deep dive into what makes this wild machine so special. And, there's a lot to learn.

The basic inspiration for this vehicle is the Subaru GL wagons serving the United States Ski Team in the 1980s. However, one of the original cars could never take the abuse that Pastrana puts on the Family Huckster. The chassis now consists of a 3d-modeled tube frame and a carbon-fiber tub. The wheelbase is almost identical, but the vehicle is about 12 inches (30.48 centimeters) wider than an authentic example. 

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The Family Huckster boasts clever active aero elements. Pieces on the front and rear fenders, in addition to a rear wing, can deploy. They are programmable to activate at certain thresholds or Pastrana can raise them by selecting the desired ones from the instrument cluster.

The roof-mounted intake is a more subtle, yet interesting, exterior design element. The rack has sculpting that directs air to this area. The radiator and cooling system use this ventilation, and then the diffuser directs it out the rear.

Power comes from a 2.3-liter boxer four-cylinder with a single turbo. It is based on the Subaru EJ engine and has a billet block. The output is 862 horsepower (643 kilowatts). The exhaust pipes are rectangular and exit out of each side of the front fenders.

The transmission is a six-speed sequential box. The gearing provides a top speed of 175 miles per hour (282 kilometers per hour). 

Inside, the dashboard has a blue carbon-fiber weave that references the look of the original GL. It also has an amazing instrument cluster that evokes the digital displays from Subarus in the 1980s. However, this one can show all of the info that Pastrana could ever need while driving.

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