After a long teaser campaign, the Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato is finally here. The brand is only making 1,499 of them for the whole world. If you don't think, you're going to be one of those customers, then you can at least configure your ideal example of the off-road-ready supercar. The online configurator has loads of customization choices.

On the outside, the Sterrato is available in two forms. Tecnica adds stripes and extra driving lights to the body. Base Offer leaves off these elements but retains the higher ride height and bigger fenders that make the model special. The lamps on the nose are still an option.

Gallery: 2023 Lamborghini Sterrato

Lamborghini groups the body colors into various themes. Sportiva includes quite a few bright hues. Contemporanea has more subtle shades. Eclettica features choices for folks who are looking for something different like Viola Bast purple. Classica consists of several retro paint schemes. Tecnica has matte finishes. If none of these fit your style, the Ad Personam Palette has even more choices.

If you opt for stripes on the body, it's possible to customize their color, too. The lower body trim is available in black, Grigio Titans, Bronze Serse, or the body color. In stock form, the mirror caps are black, but buyers can pick a different shade for them.

The interior is similarly customizable. Verde Sterrato is one of the unique choices for the cabin. It's a dark green color that looks like the olive drab shade you'd find on military clothing. The steering wheel is available with leather or Alcantara covering.

Lamborghini offers several options for the Sterrato, and some of them are things you'd expect a car in this price range to have. For example, there's a cup holder and smoker package. Apple CarPlay is an available upgrade, too. Customers can also purchase up to five years of maintenance and a five-year warranty.

To make the Sterrato more capable off-road, Lamborghini gives the car a 1.7-inch suspension lift in comparison to the Huracan Evo. The front track is 1.2 inches wider, and the rear track is 1.3 inches broader. The 19-inch wheels wear Bridgestone Dueler AT002 all-terrain run-flat tires that are specifically for this model. The driving modes gain a Rally setting, and the special instruments include an inclinometer, pitch and roll indicator, steering angle indicator, and more.

Power comes from a naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V10 that makes 602 horsepower (449 kilowatts) and 413 pound-feet (560 Newton-meters) of torque. A seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox sends the power to an all-wheel-drive system. The setup gets the Sterrato to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in 3.4 seconds. The top speed is 162 mph (261 kph).

Sterrato production starts in February 2023. Pricing details will come later.

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