It has been over two decades since the last Honda Prelude. Discontinued in 2001, the two-door sports coupe was among the exciting vehicles within the Japanese brand's extensive lineup. But since the revival of old nameplates has become the in-thing these past years (hello Toyota Supra and Acura Integra), there's hope for the Prelude's return.

With electrification already creeping in for the Japanese automaker, a recent rumor from Japan states that the successor to the Prelude could be an EV and will be introduced in 2028. In fact, the model was already teased in Honda's EV roadmap, which was revealed in April of this year.

Honda Briefing On Electrification 2030

The rumor came from Japan's Best Car Web, stating that the two electric sports cars teased by Honda in the roadmap are the Prelude and the NSX successors (see lead image atop this page). The Acura NSX has long been rumored to return as an all-electric model, even hinted at by Acura Vice President and Brand Officer Jon Ikeda himself.

Officially, though, Honda said that these two electric sports cars will be a specialty and a flagship model – both to be offered globally. Apart from the EV roadmap pictured above, Honda also shared a few insights about its plan for this decade.

The North American market will get two mid- to large-size EVs in 2024, currently being developed jointly with GM – the all-new Honda Prologue SUV has already been revealed, and then there's a new EV SUV for Acura as well. In China, the Honda e:N series of EVs will see 10 new models by 2027. Japan, on the other hand, will get a commercial-use mini-EV model by early 2024, then personal-use mini-EVs and EV SUVs.

The second half of the 2020s will see affordable Honda EVs, still developed through its alliance with GM. Overall, 30 Honda EV models will be introduced globally by 2030, with production pegged at more than 2 million units annually. 

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