The Dodge Viper is a memorable vehicle for the automaker, so much so that a few samples are still getting sold years after it went out of production in 2017. Whether its V10 mill or stylish looks that makes it such a historic nameplate, the latest "brand new" purchase was made in Q2 of this year.

But if you're looking for one that's up for grabs that unlike everything else you've seen in the market, there's one up for sale on Facebook Marketplace for $160,000.

Isn't that too much for a Dodge Viper, you ask? Well, it's unlike any Vtheriper as mentioned, this one being 25 feet long.

Gallery: Stretched Dodge Viper Limo For Sale

Kerry Prater Stochl is selling this stretched sports limo in Missouri. This isn't the first time we've seen it up for grabs, though. Last year, it appeared on eBay with a starting bid of $135,000. It appears that no one had bid sufficiently for that and now it has appeared again with the seller letting it go for a higher price.

The conversion involved more seats for the Viper, with the stretched version having the capacity to seat 12 (only 10 people has seat belts, though). The roof has been chopped off as well, revealing the black interior. The original roll cage behind the front seats also gets mirrored at the back row.

Meanwhile, the V10 on this one-of-a-kind Viper has been replaced by a 390-horsepower (291-kilowatt) Mopar 360 Magnum crate motor coupled to an automatic transmission. No other detail are added about this powertrain except that it "drives great."

So where do you take a topless Viper that seats 10 legally? As the seller mentioned, it can be a rolling advertisement for your business, which could work as we can imagine seeing a long Viper rolling down the street catching everyone's attention. If you're interested and you have a hundred and sixty grand to spare, go ahead and reach the seller through the source link below.

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