Are you in the market for one of the most capable off-road vehicles on earth? Well then, you should check out the Ripsaw, a military-tested off-road vehicle the toughness of a tank and the agility of a supercar. The Ripsaw is the ultimate tracked off-road vehicle that’s not only easy to drive but also impossible to get stuck.

If you’re a fan of the Fast and Furious franchise then chances are you’re already familiar with the Ripsaw. The Ripsaw was featured in the Fast and Furious 8 film where its off-road performance credentials were put on display on the big screen. Before it was a movie star, the Ripsaw saw time in the military when it was refined into a reliable fighting machine.

The Ripsaw debuted at the 2001 Dallas, TX Auto Show where it immediately gained attention from the US Military. The United States Army worked with Ripsaw inventors Howe & Howe Technologies to deploy a prototype MS-1 to Iraq in the early 2000s. The Army tested the Ripsaw as a remote control small armored vehicle that can be customized to fit a host of military roles.

Most recently Howe & Howe Technologies released the Ripsaw M5 for military use in 2020. The army is currently testing four prototypes as Robotic Combat Vehicle-Medium (RCV-M). these porotypes are fitted with anti-tank missiles, a 30mm cannon, and a complete armor package.

For civilians, Howe & Howe Technologies is offering customers the opportunity to purchase a passenger vehicle version of the Ripsaw F4. There is no limit to the number of customization customers can do to their Ripsaw that comes with seating for four. The Ripsaw F4 can reach speeds up to 55mph and offers 20.0-inches of ground clearance. With a turning radius of only 8ft, this highly maneuverable off-road beast is perfect for tight trails.

The Ripsaw F4 has a starting price of $500,000, which may seem a little steep, but its impressive performance seems worth the price.

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