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Meet Rob Willis. A 27-year-old who paid $75,860 (£50,000) for a BMW M3 Sedan. Little did he know the car starred in Top Gear.

He bought the vehicle from a local dealership in Kent, UK and soon noticed the M3 had problems with the brakes and steering. About a month after making the purchase, he was watching an old episode of Top Gear with his wife-to-be and she pointed out the car Jeremy Clarkson was driving had the same license plates.

He went back to the dealership to confront the salesperson about the discovery. He was eventually given a 330d as a replacement along with some “freebies.” That doesn’t really sound like a fair deal to us, but who are we to judge?

Dealer representatives admitted it was a mistake to sell the M3 in that condition since “it was unfit for the road.” As for Rob, he expressed his discontent by saying, “It’s outrageous, I have an eight-year-old daughter and three young nephews whose lives have been risked.”

Apparently it’s not the first time when the folks at Top Gear damaged a vehicle as back in 2003 they messed around with a Jaguar C-Type. The car’s owner, Adrian Hamilton, said at that point the clutch and tires were affected and TG “left the car needing a lot of expensive work.”

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