The Ford Maverick lineup is expanding, and these spy shots catch what appears to be the rumored Tremor model without any camouflage. It's cruising around the streets of Dearborn, Michigan.

In front, this Maverick has a revised lower fascia with orange tow hooks sticking out of each side. This panel is angled in a way that should provide an improved approach angle.

Gallery: Ford Maverick Tremor Spy Photos

The grille has rectangular inlets in the mesh, and there's an orange accent in the middle that extends into the headlights.

The truck rides on wheels with V-shaped spokes and chunky styling. Each one has an orange section in a matching color that's on the grille and tow hooks.

An intriguing touch is that the Lariat logo on the front fender is a matching orange shade as the rest of the accents. However, we'd expect this badge to display "Tremor" to mark the model, like on the F-150 version. This might be an indication that the Maverick Tremor might be an option pack for the Lariat, rather than a dedicated trim level in the lineup.

To deserve the Tremor name, we'd expect this Maverick to have some suspension tweaks. It looks like the ride height might be slightly taller than stock but not much. The truck is riding on Falken Wildpeak A/T tires. 

Our spies report seeing orange thread on the seats. However, it's not visible in the photo in the gallery.

The Maverick Lariat is available with either the pickup's 2.5-liter hybrid or 2.0-liter EcoBoost powerplants. If the Tremor turns out to be an option package, then both of these engines might be options with it.

Recent spy shots suggest that bigger changes are coming to the Maverick. Ford appears to be working on a new powertrain consisting of a 2.1-liter plug-in hybrid. The truck seems to be in the very early stages of development because the vehicle in the photos is still wearing placeholder headlights.

A Maverick ST also appears to be on the way. The development vehicle has an exhaust pipe coming out of each side of the rear bumper. The fender flares are wider, too. The powertrain for the sporty model is still a mystery.

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