Technically speaking, the new Ford Ranger has yet to debut for US buyers. The global debut of Ford's midsize truck was in November 2021, so we know how it will look. We also know the general stats, though powertrain options are sure to differ between markets. Now, we see there could be another option for Ford customers in North America, where bigger is generally seen as better.

These fresh spy images clearly show a stretched Ranger. The wheelbase is noticeably longer compared to the global model in SuperCrew spec, and the reason is simple. This truck pairs the bigger cabin of the SuperCrew truck with the longer 6-foot bed. It's a pairing you can't get now, as the long bed is only offered with the smaller SuperCab greenhouse. SuperCrew trucks get a 5-foot bed.

Ford Ranger Long Bed And Wheelbase Side View Spy Photo
2022 Ford Ranger Wildtrak profile

Our spy sources believe this will be an option offered only in North America. There are a couple of good reasons to support that, with the first being big trucks sell well in the region. The six-foot bed will certainly be appealing to folks hauling stuff on a regular basis, and having room inside for five adults is a bonus. Beyond that, we've seen no such combination offered on the next-generation Ranger in other markets.

Gallery: Ford Ranger Long Wheelbase Spy Photos

Could a larger Ranger impact F-150 sales? A bigger cabin with a longer bed does encroach on Ford's fullsize pickup, but only on the smaller side of the equation. An F-150 SuperCrew is available with the larger 6.5-foot bed, and stepping down to a SuperCab, you can still get the best-selling truck with an 8-foot bed.

What else can we expect in the US-spec Ford Ranger? The global model offers a modern digital cockpit with digital gauges and either a 10.1-inch or a 12-inch center infotainment screen. There's no reason to think Ford will change the interior, though it's unlikely we'll see the range of turbocharged diesel engines offered in other markets. The familiar 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder should return, and a boosted V6 could be optional. The hot Ranger Raptor has already been confirmed for the US market, likely wielding the 400-hp twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter engine from the Ford Explorer ST.

The Ranger Raptor is expected to go on sale in 2023, but before that happens, the standard model needs to debut in North America. That should happen later this year.

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