BMW M celebrates its 50th anniversary this year as it prepares to launch its second standalone model in its five-decade history. The XM performance SUV will debut later this year and will be among the new models from the division to wear a new black BMW M logo. The iconic three-color badge will be transformed into a simpler-looking logo with a blacked-out design, which will be applied to all upcoming performance cars from the division.

The new logo made its debut on the back of the iX M60 electric SUV and BMW now confirms it will be used for all future BMW M models. The new black logo uses a titanium bronze surround as the only contrasting color to the black main hue. The XM is next in line to get the new black emblem before every brand new M model gets it. However, the purists should probably be happy to hear the existing M products will stick to the original three-color design.

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“The overall future direction for complete new cars is that we have a black M badge and the existing cars like the M4, for example, we will not change,” BMW M sales and marketing vice president Timo Resch told WhichCar. “For next-generation type of cars, that’s where you will see an M badge that is black. Only new platforms and completely new models will get a black badge.”

In addition to the new blacked-out core design, the updated BMW M logo brings a new color-coding system for the surrounding trim across the entire M portfolio. It reflects the position of the respective M vehicle in the hierarchy and whether it is strictly performance-oriented or a more luxurious product. The recently unveiled M4 CSL, for example, has a three-color version of the logo with a red surround, whereas the iX M60 features a black version of the logo with a golden-colored surround.

The M division’s legendary three colors – light blue, dark blue, and red – won’t disappear and will be featured in new ways, though. While the Bavarian company wants to change its DNA “a little bit,” it remains committed to its traditions. “When we look into the future design, we will continue to play around with these colors, because they are part of the identity of BMW. They belong to us and you see them on the race cars. You will see cool ways of using these colors,” Resch added.

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