Dodge brand boss Tim Kuniskis wants to unveil the marque's concept for an electric muscle car before the Speed Week that leads up to the Woodward Dream Cruise on August 20, according to an interview with Muscle Cars & Trucks. There's a mysterious factor potentially holding back the unveiling, though.

"It will be sooner rather than later. My hope is that you’ll see this car well before we get to that Speed Week, so well before we get to August is my hope,” Kuniskis told Muscle Cars & Trucks.

Gallery: Dodge Electric Muscle Car Teaser

It's not clear what's holding things back, but the issue seems like a big deal. "There’s one really important piece that goes with [the reveal] that’s outside of my control, and it’s outside our industry quite frankly, that I want the two to be together when I show you this car. And I don’t want to do it disjointed,” he told Muscle Cars & Trucks.

According to earlier details, the electric muscle car concept is a close preview of the production version of the model that's arriving in 2024. The goal of this vehicle is to draw new customers to Dodge's performance model while retaining the fans the company already has.

Dodge's engineers are reportedly aiming to build a vehicle that would compete against a Tesla Model S Plaid. This could mean the electric muscle car could accelerate to 60 miles per hour (96 kilometers per hour) in under two seconds.

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares recently described the Dodge electric muscle car as having a "sound that you cannot imagine." He also described the vehicle as "something that is shocking." 

Dodge's teaser for the model showed it with the old-school fratzog triangular emblem. From what was visible, the styling blended elements from the late 1960s and early '70s Challenger and Charger. The video highlighting the vehicle showed an all-wheel-drive burnout, indicating an electric motor for powering each axle.

When the production-spec muscle car arrives, Dodge intends to sell it alongside the combustion-powered vehicles at least for a little while.

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