We love sleepers, and in our book, this black Ford F-150 qualifies. Admittedly, sporting a set of fat drag radials at the back suggests there's something special hiding under the hood, but who would expect this to be a 10-second pickup truck?

It's a rather rare F-150, too, following the formula of the old high-performance Lightning models with a single cab and a short bed. The only info we have on the truck is that it's packing a Whipple supercharger, but we suspect there's a bit more happening under the hood than just some boost. Furthermore, it appears to be a two-wheel-drive model based on the burnout prior to the races. In other words, it's a prime candidate for a modern-day take on the classic F-150 Lightning – a basic street truck with serious mojo at the drag strip.

Ford F-150
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That's good, because the two cars it faces in this video are also well-suited for drag duty. We know the current Mustang Shelby GT500 is fast, capable of ripping 10-second quarter-mile times in stock trim. The Camaro ZL-1 generally runs in the 11-second range, but based on what we see here, we'd say the F-150 isn't the only vehicle sporting some aftermarket upgrades.

The action takes place at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Florida, but before we get to the Ford-versus-Chevy showdown, the two Blue Ovals square off. Both drivers get a clean launch, starting dead even with the truck crossing the line at 131 mph with a time of 10.87 seconds. As for the Shelby, it also had a 131-mph trap speed but it finished just behind the truck at 11.18 seconds. It's a win for the F-150, but at that speed, we're talking a legit photo finish.

The GT500s time and speed suggest it was stock, but as we previously mentioned, the Camaro ZL1 appears to have some extra mojo – both under the hood and behind the wheel. The driver catches the F-150 off the light with a better reaction time, then heroically shifts the manual transmission like a boss, crossing the line at 130 mph with a time of 10.61 seconds.

Does the F-150 chase down the Camaro for a win? We'll leave that for the video, but here's a hint. With the Camaro's reaction time advantage factored in, this run is even closer than the GT500 battle. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the action.

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