Toyota is taking the hot hatch segment by storm with two awesome products. The GR Yaris paved the way for the return of the Japanese automaker into the game and the recently introduced GR Corolla ups that game to the segment above. This is the first fast hatchback from Toyota to be sold in the United States in ages and it is already generating a lot of buzz. Does that mean there is room for more GR Corolla derivatives?

We don’t know the answer to that question but we now know what a potential GR Corolla sedan could look like. Designer X-Tomi Design from Hungary just released the image you see above and it depicts a three-box version of the go-fast Corolla. It obviously shares its front fascia with the real-life GR Corolla and nothing seems to be changed from the A to the C pillar. That’s where this virtual performance vehicle shows its new design, though.

Gallery: 2023 Toyota GR Corolla

There’s no look at the rear end available, though, even from this angle, we can tell this rendering is most likely based on the existing Corolla Sedan that is available in the United States with a starting price of $20,175 for the 2022 model year in non-hybrid guise. There’s a large fixed-wing added to the boot lid of the vehicle to match what the GR Corolla offers in hatchback form. We definitely like what we see and from this angle, the vehicle looks a little like a Subaru WRX to us. But that’s surely not a problem.

What are the chances of seeing this car in production? Knowing how conservative the performance sedan market is, we’d say they are probably very close to zero. Toyota has plans to produce just 6,500 examples of the GR Corolla in the first year on the market and we suppose the future of the series will depend on how strong the demand for the car is around the globe. We know we want one but that’s surely not enough to convenience Toyota to build this sporty sedan.

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