With the emerging motorhome industry globally, cheap camper van builds are also rising to fame. A Lada-based RV build from Russia costs about €18,250 or around $21,400 in the United States, while a used Ford Econoline was converted into a large camper van for under $10,000.

Spain's Yevana wants to join this trend with its latest conversion offering based on the Dacia Dokker. For only €9,750 or about $10,794 with the current exchange rates, the company will convert the Romanian van into a motorhome that has everything, including the kitchen sink.

Gallery: Dacia Dokker Yevana Camper

That price tag doesn't come with the donor vehicle, though. In Spain, used Dokker vans are available for as low as €10,000 (~$11,070), which means an overall conversion would cost the customer under $22,000. In case you're not up to find a used Dokker yourself, the company offers to find the base vehicle for you.

The Dacia Dokker compact motorhome only measures 4.36 meters (172 inches) long but it has cargo space of around 800 liters (211 gallons) to fit all you want from a two-seat camper. It can shoehorn a folding double bed in its cabin, with a 70mm (2.75-inch)-thick folding mattress, placed on a birch wood base.

Apart from the bedroom necessities, the Yevana-converted camper has a portable kitchen with a burner, a 31L (8.2-gal fridge, a stainless steel sink, and a 32L (8.5-gal) freshwater tank. It even has an outdoor shower.

Design-wise, the Dacia motorhome gets a combination of plywood and diode lighting, somehow making the cabin look bright and homey. For power, the compact camper comes with a solar panel, a 100Ah battery, and a 600W power inverter.

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