When a Hot Wheels track starts from the roof of a house, you know it's going to be good. This isn't the first high-riding die-cast course we've seen from Backyard Racing on YouTube, but at nearly four minutes for a single lap, it's the longest. It's also the most complex, featuring multiple powered lifts and a series of waterslides to enjoy on the way down.

The track is appropriately called the Hot Wheel Aquapark Track, and it indeed begins on the roof of a house. A massive suspension bridge carries the camera car deep into the yard, where a literal tower of track awaits. According to the video description, this particular track utilizes multiple ladders, lots of wood, clear tubes, popsicle sticks, Jenga blocks, zip ties, rain gutters, and more. You can probably guess what the gutters are for.

Water doesn't just flow around the track. Hundreds of gallons are pumped to various locations using 12 pumps, and it begins early in the lap with a small river in a PVC pipe. A quick trip to ground level might have you thinking the fun is over, but a clever water-powered lift takes the camera car back to the top in a proper roller-coaster fashion. We even troll around an open waterslide at the top for a few moments. How cool is this?

From there, the track makes a slower descent through dry short straights and banked turns, passing water features before entering the third waterslide. Back on terra firma, one might think the end is near but the car enters a bucket for yet another ride to the top. This time, the descent is nearly all waterslide, but just when you think the lap is over, a magnet-infused tow rope takes the car back up for one final drop into a water bucket. All total, the uninterrupted run takes 3 minutes, 42 seconds.

Hot Wheels Waterslide Track.
Hot Wheels Waterslide Track.

As you watch the action, take note of the surroundings. The video description mentions numerous Easter eggs along the course, including some obvious ones like Buzz Lightyear but also some very obscure items. For example, did you see the pair of scissors before diving into the second waterslide tunnel?

We don't know what the neighbors think about these crazy track projects, but we absolutely love them. Whatever's next for Backyard Racing, we will definitely be watching.

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