You may have heard about a new Batman movie on the way. Called The Batman, it hits theaters in March 2022. Of particular interest to us is the new Batmobile, which adopts a gritty, post-apocalyptic muscle car persona compared to the extravagant machines of yore. We've glimpsed it in movie trailers, but thanks to Hot Wheels we now have a Batmobile to peruse from all angles. You can even drive it, and you don't even have to wait until March.

By drive it, we mean control it remotely. This is actually a 1:10 scale radio-controlled Batmobile made by Hot Wheels, and holy crap is it detailed! Headlights and amber lights in the grille are functional, as are red taillights at the back. The body shows various amounts of weathering and minor damage. The V8 engine is also extremely detailed and accurate to real-life, right down to the plug-mounted coils and twin turbochargers on each side. Admittedly, the afterburner isn't something you'd see in real life, but on this model, it lights up and even emits a mist. How freaking cool is that?

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Honestly, it's not as cool as the interior. RC cars seldom have an interior, never mind one with such detail. The dash is packed with gauges, and the center console has a prominent shifter sticking up. There's a roll bar, fasteners in the console and floor, and there's even a knob on the glove compartment. Best of all is the Dark Knight himself in the driver's seat, turning the steering wheel as the car turns, and shifting the transmission between forward and reverse. Hot Wheels says this isn't so much an RC car as it is a highly detailed movie prop, and we agree. It even comes with a Batcave display that's also packed with detail. 

This looks like an outstanding collectible for Batman fans, but it will set you back a few bucks. Specifically, you'll pay $500 to score the new RC Batmobile. Presale orders open on October 20.

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