Are you tired of normal boxy RVs? If you’re in the market for one of the most innovative and luxurious RVs ever built then you must take a look at the Elemment Palazzo. This unique RV is built with the same ethos as a supercar using the best materials, aerodynamic analysis, and engineering to create a boundary-pushing machine. The Elemment Palazzo looks like nothing else on the road today and for good reason as its designs process does not follow traditional RV logic.

Gallery: Elemment Palazzo Luxury RV By Marchi Has a Sky Lounge To Go With Its Wild Styling

Today it takes a lot to stand out in the RV and overlander space as customers spend more time looking for unique and capable builds. I challenge anyone to find an RV more interesting than the Elemment Palazzo. This unique RV is built on a design that saw its genesis in the 1970s when engineers were attempting to build more aerodynamic and safer semi-trucks. Today the unique cockpit windshield is more refined and mounted to the front of a luxury yacht built for the road.

The Elemment Palazzo comes in five different configurations with focuses ranging from business entertainment all the way to luxury travel. Our favorite by far is the Elemment Palazzo Superior which is the range-topping luxury RV configuration. This unique luxury RV features a Sky Lounge which turns the roof of your Elemment Palazzo into a Yacht deck space where you can take in panoramic views in absolute luxury. There are also integrated yacht windows, expensive use of carbon fiber, and a unique center seating position in the helicopter-inspired cockpit.

Would you take the Elemment Palazzo over a traditional RV? Or is the polarizing exterior styling a little too different for your taste?

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