The teaser train continues for the next-generation Volkswagen Amarok. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles released a small selection of sketches back in January, and now we get a couple more showing the pickup truck from the side and rear.

This still isn't the final form of the long-teased, long-awaited truck. VW calls these "near-production sketches" offering a clear front-to-back look of the Amarok. It's safe to assume the exaggerated fender arches won't be nearly as aggressive as we see here, and the thin, low-profile tires certainly aren't well-suited for an off-roader with Ford Ranger DNA. Still, the teasers offer a general idea of what to expect.

Gallery: Next-generation Volkswagen Amarok teasers

"We emphasize the different, expressive front designs of our pickup with a charismatic Amarok signature that is also found with very large letters on the cargo box at the rear and is sported very proudly by the Amarok," said Albert-Johann Kirzinger, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles head of design. "The styling bar as a visual extension of the double cab in the cargo box once again gives the Amarok’s body dynamic, aerodynamic and very strong proportions."

We already know that the new truck will be a tad bigger than the outgoing model. It will also pack a V6 TDI engine, and with Ford's T6 platform underneath, it could feature turbocharged four-cylinder power for different markets. Along with the new sketches, the latest teaser promises a host of driver-assist tech that VW says is new to the midsize truck segment, though details on those features are left to the imagination. We're also told that the new Amarok won't just be bigger in terms of size. It will offer more ground clearance versus the previous-generation truck as well.

The 2023 VW Amarok will be offered in global markets, though don't expect it to reach the States when it debuts later this year.

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