When Ford first announced it would resurrect the Maverick nameplate, we had no idea it would return as one of the brand’s most successful models. More than a year after its launch, the little truck is an absolute hit on the market and the automaker is having problems meeting the demand. Ford even asked its execs to return their leased Mavericks so dealers could sell them to private customers. These amazing market results deserve a little recognition, right?

The Maverick will now live forever in the Lego world thanks to a new unofficial kit. It doesn’t come straight from the toy company but from an enthusiast site where users share their own projects and sell instructions to other users who want to build them. This is exactly the case with this Maverick kit which was developed by a user going by the name IBrickedItUp on ReBrickable.

Gallery: Ford Maverick Lego kit

The Maverick Lego kit consists of a total of 220 different parts with 1,668 total quantity and its estimated value is around $235 based on the cost of all parts. The instructions cost another $9 and come as a PDF that’s downloadable from the site after you’ve finalized the purchase. There are five available colors, though, obviously, you can assemble your Maverick in a color of your choice depending on the bricks you have available.

The world of Lego cars is growing at nearly the same pace as the actual automotive industry. There are official and unofficial kits, covering everything from everyday mainstream models, to supercars, to race cars, and even movie cars. It’s difficult not to find a kit for your favorite vehicle and even if there’s no available one, you can spend some time and engineer your own scale model with the available bricks from other kits. 

As for the Maverick, Ford is currently not accepting new orders for the small truck. The order books should open again this summer.

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