The Lamborghini Countach is an icon (at least the original one) and nobody can't deny that. However, it seems like Lego isn't keen on giving the wedged sports car a well-deserved official build, just like the other automotive icons like the Porsche 911 and Land Rover Defender, among many others.

That didn't stop Lego builders from making their own Countach set and we've found probably the best ones out there via Rebrickable. More importantly, these are two very different approaches to the build – one was built from scratch, while the other made use of another regular Lego set.

Gallery: Lamborghini Countach Lego MOC by barneius

The Lego MOC Countach that you see in the gallery is from Rebrickable user barneius. Based on the Lamborghini Countach LP5000 Quattrovalvole. Measuring eight studs wide, the build was done in Speed Champions style, using 325 pieces that are listed on the Inventory tab when you follow the first source link below. The bricks will set you back around $40, while the high-resolution PDF of the step-by-step instructions is priced at 5.99 euros or around $6.95 with the current exchange rates.

What makes this build look cool is the incorporation of stickers, courtesy of the UK's Ultimate Collector Stickers.

Gallery: Lamborghini Countach Lego MOC by firas_legocars

On the other hand, this other Lego MOC build is made by user firas_legocars. However, instead of using bricks from scratch, the builder used existing parts from the regular Lego set 10295 of a Classic Porsche 911 (C model). The Countach build was made at the scale of 1:13, almost at the same scale as the Porsche. According to the builder, the 1,251 pieces used were all from the Lego set number 10295 and you will not need anything out of the box.

The detailed step-by-step guide for this build will set you back $15, not including the Lego set 10295, of course, which sells for around $150.

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