Dartz didn't make a name for itself by being subtle. Brash styling is a common theme with its vehicles, and its latest creation doesn't deviate from that ethos. The angular, boxy exterior hides a Mercedes GLS underneath, but Dartz's new model isn't only about luxury. It's armored, too, if you didn't notice from its dystopian-like design.

Dartz gives the GLS a complete makeover and changes the name. This is the Prombron Black Alligator MMX Black Tiger Moon Edition. The black and orange color scheme is supposed to mimic a tiger's fur, with the carbon-fiber accents making a great stand-in for the creature's stripes.

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The company used GBOL technology for the vehicle's armor, which will be the first application on a civilian vehicle. The technology makes the armored vehicle weigh the same as the stock GLS, which is quite an achievement. Dartz doesn't detail the Prombron Black Alligator MMX's powertrain beyond it being a V8, but it does note that customers will be able to get extra horsepower out of the engine

The MMX lacks any visible door handles, but they're there and rigged to deliver an electric shock if the wrong person tries to enter. The armored SUV also lacks side mirrors. Instead, cameras provide a rear-facing view. To keep away prying eyes, Dartz equips the SUV with a floodlight and electrochroamatic windows that can switch from clear to opaque. They're bulletproof, too.

Inside, the Dartz deviates from Mercedes luxury and tech for its own flair, which includes replacing some of the screens with analog gauges and an assortment of gold accents and other garish materials like alligator, shark, and stingray skin. If your armored SUV with its electroshock door handles isn't enough to keep out criminals, you'll be pleased to learn that Dartz offers several biometric storage devices inside the vehicle for another layer of security. Dartz didn't provide pricing details, but it won't be cheap.

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