In May this year, Mitsubishi surprised us with the announcement that it is reviving the Ralliart brand. The excitement lasted only a few months though, as just recently, the automaker introduced the moniker as an accessories package for two of its utility models in Thailand. We were really hoping for something more emotional but if we are judging by this resurrected nameplate, the company will stick to building boring albeit profitable crossovers and trucks. Yes, this means no Evolution models are coming.

This summer, it became clear that Mitsubishi is considering getting involved in motorsport again but there are no immediate plans for a new Lancer Evolution. The door is not fully closed, though “the company is still not strong enough" to start spending money on a performance sedan. This leads us to the rendering you are seeing at the top of this page and in the gallery below.

Gallery: Mitsubishi Lancer Evo renderings

It comes courtesy of our friends and colleagues at and depicts a modern-day Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. Sure, there are no positive signs that the performance sedan could be revived but designer Nikita Chuiko decided to give us something to cheer about. It comes in the form of a new performance sedan finished in striking yellow color with the brand’s trademarked X-shaped front fascia.

The overall shape of the virtual car is very similar to the final generation Lancer Evo but there are sharper lines that make all the difference. At the back, the sharp-looking taillights that extend to the rear fenders make a very bold statement and give the car a very individual look. We have to admit, the job done here is amazing and it makes us wish there’s at least some hope for the Lancer Evolution. That doesn’t seem to be the case for now, but who knows what tomorrow might bring.

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