The Tesla Cybertruck is far from your typical pickup, and that presents challenges to an already well-established industry of aftermarket outfitters and tuners. Creating products such as truck bed campers for the Cybertruck and then the rest of the industry might not be economical, but a new camper from Form Camper looks to fix that conundrum. It has a new expandable truck bed camper concept that’d work with both the Cybertruck and the Ford F-150.

The camper is still in the development phase, with the first prototype planned for the Q2 of 2022, so some aspects of it could change before production begins, though the concept is quite compelling. The camper is narrow enough to fit between the bedsides of most full-size trucks, so it doesn’t need to accommodate the Cybertruck’s angled rails.

Gallery: Form Camper Truck Bed Camper

The camper compensates its slim size with a living area that expands off the back, creating a small living space that houses the compact kitchen and dinette, a bench, and a wet bath. It creates 71 square feet of floor space inside once it’s expanded. The kitchen, which includes a fridge/freezer and plenty of cabinet space, is accessible from the outside thanks to bidirectional slides. The camper also has a pair of canopies that expand the outdoor living area, though it’s not fully protected.

One of the camper’s neatest features is its ability to detach itself from the truck. Electric legs can lift it from the truck bed, allowing the camper to stand on its own and freeing the pickup to drive away. The camper is designed to run completely off a battery with roof-mounted solar charging keeping the operation stocked on electrons. Form Camper hopes to begin production before the end of 2022, with an estimated starting price of $69,500. You can pre-order now, and you could get a discount, too. 

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