The new Honda Civic Si is now out with a starting price of $27,300. Judging by your comments on different platforms, the warm model seems to be reasonably priced given its capabilities. Some of you, our fellow readers, even say the new Si has become more affordable than the past few generations when you adjust its price for inflation and purchasing power.

One thing we know everyone will be missing, though, is a two-door version of the car. The 2022 Civic Si comes exclusively as a sedan, and while this means it is significantly more practical than some of its competitors, it certainly lacks the charisma of some of its predecessors. Take for example the ninth-generation Civic Si, which was available as a coupe and a sedan, with the former featuring a sleek two-door shape with a sloped roofline. 

Gallery: 2022 Honda Civic Si

Thankfully, anything can be fixed in the virtual world and designer X-Tomi from Hungary has decided to give the new Civic Si the stylish coupe version it deserves. The work required more than just chopping off the rear doors and replacing the front doors with larger ones. He also modified the roofline but kept the new Civic Si’s trademark bend on the rear side windows.

However, Honda has made it pretty clear there will be no other body styles available besides the sedan for the 2022 Civic Si, which means this coupe derivative will live a life only in the digital reality. That’s a shame, honestly, because the somewhat conservative design language of the car fits the coupe shape surprisingly well.

If you still find the new Civic Si appealing enough, you’ll be able to check it at Honda’s dealerships around the country from later this year. Keep in mind there’s just a single engine option and a single transmission choice, though - a 1.5-liter turbocharged inline-four mated to a six-speed manual.

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