Are you looking for a truck that will stand out from the crowd? Do you like Dodge Ram 3500s but wish they were wider? Well, we have the Craigslist post for you. Welcome to this one-of-a-kind widened 1997 Dodge Ram 3500 dually that can be yours for a reasonable sum of $31,999. Would you purchase this unique Dodge Ram 3500 and pick up extra wide payloads?

According to the seller, this Dodge Ram 3500 was widened by exactly 1 foot (30.48cm) to create a one-off truck. The stock Dodge Ram 3500 was 93.8-inches which means this current truck is a total of 105.8-inches or almost 9.0 feet wide (274cm). to put this size into perspective this custom Dodge Ram 3500 is almost 2.0 feet wider than a Hummer H1 which is known as a remarkably wide vehicle.

The seller claims that over 1400 hours of labor were required to widen this Dodge Ram 3500. That works out to about 35 weeks of labor for a standard workweek. Unique parts were required like a custom windshield, grille, hood, dashboard, and truck bed. Theirs also a full air ride setup on the truck to make it more comfortable during long journeys.

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Power comes from a 5.9-liter Cummins diesel engine which is mated to a Weller 5-speed manual transmission. This drivetrain combination is already enough to make this truck collectible, but add on the wide-body treatment and you have something very special on your hands.

You better act fast as this one-of-a-kind truck won’t stay on sale for long. Would you choose this wide-body Dodge Ram 3500 over a stock Dodge Ram 3500? Where you drive this creation first if you were the second owner of a 9.0-foot wide truck.

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