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There’s no better place to test the Honda Prelude’s top speed than the autobahn in Germany. Have you ever wondered just how fast the legendary Honda Prelude really is? Well, thanks to Youtuber TopSpeedGermany we get to see this classic Honda really stretch its legs. The Prelude may be primarily known for its handling prowess, but as it turns out it's no slouch in a straight line either.

The Honda Prelude is a benchmark when it comes to competent handling for a front-wheel-drive car. Although the Acura Integra gets most of the credit for being the 1990s Honda Coupe to own, the Honda Prelude is not far behind when it comes to sheer driving pleasure and represents a real value when it comes to the used Honda collectors’ market.

The Honda Prelude featured in this video is the V trim which was powered by a 2.0-liter inline-4 known as the F20A4. This smooth-revving engine was not the top-tier performance engine for the Prelude, but it still produced a respectable 133 horsepower (98 Kilowatts). The top-of-the-line Honda Prelude Type S was powered by the legendary H22A 2.2-liter Inline-4 that produces a stout 220 horsepower (163 Kilowatts).

In today’s world of laptop-powered cars with digital parking brakes, the classic Honda Prelude stands out. Even though the subject vehicle isn’t the most exciting member of Honda’s Prelude line-up it represents a tipping point in the 1990s when cars were still analog and perfected decades of refinement.

Watching this simple Honda coupe stretch its legs on the Autobahn isn’t the most exciting top-speed run you will see on YouTube today. However, this reminder of the golden age of Hondas is a joy to watch especially as classic Honda prices rise and owners become more selective of their usage of these appreciating assets.

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