For the latest generation of the Honda Civic, the automaker killed off the coupe body style in favor of offering only a sedan and hatchback. For this rendering, The Sketch Monkey imagines what if the company decides to build a two-door but badges it as a revived Acura Integra. This one would be the range-topping Type R model.

The Sketch Monkey clearly uses the new Civic as a starting point for this rendering. He keeps basically the same nose, but the headlights a skinnier. The grille in the lower fascia is also shorter. The front fenders are larger for a sportier stance.

Acura Integra Type R Rendering
2022 Honda Civic Hatchback Front Three Quarters

To create the coupe shape, the roofline has a more aggressive shape. The doors are larger, and The Sketch Monkey adds a black trim panel to the back that takes up some of the space for the rear side window.

Big wheels with a complex spoke pattern fill the fenders. Red brake calipers and large discs are visible behind them.


The designer only sketches this imagined Integra Type R from one angle, so we can't see much of the back. A small wing attaches to the rear deck.

Honda already confirms that a new Civic Type R debuts in 2022. Unfortunately, details about it are still very scant. One rumor suggests that the latest CTR would be Honda's final model without electrification in Europe. The turbocharged 2.0-liter gasoline engine but modified tuning would increase the power output beyond the current 316 horsepower (236 kilowatts).

Traditionally, the Integra has been a step up from the Civic in terms of price, material quality, and in some cases power. Along with the Legend, it was one of the first models to introduce the Acura brand in the US in 1986.

The most famous iteration is the Integra Type R. It used a naturally aspirated 1.8-liter four-cylinder making 195 horsepower (145 kilowatts) and capable of revving to 8,500 rpm. In addition to the impressive specific output, the ITR was among the best handling front-wheel-drive vehicles ever.

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