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The Lincoln Aviator was the highest-ranked vehicle we tested in 2020 thanks to its combination of style, comfort, and impressive safety and fuel economy. The Ford-owned luxury brand is now taking things to the next level by previewing possible appearance updates for the SUV with the Aviator Shinola Concept, created in cooperation with luxury goods retailer Shinola.

Lincoln designers visited Shinola’s flagship showroom in Detroit and were inspired to incorporate some of the brand’s visual themes into the Aviator. The team started with “a watch, a duffle bag, and a bike seat” and evolved some of the ideas seen from Shinola to create the one-off SUV show car.

Gallery: Lincoln Aviator Shinola concept

For starters, the Aviator Shinola’s exterior white color is inspired by Shinola’s mother of pearl stone watch dials with hints of blue. The concept’s copper accents were inspired by the copper-plated structure that attaches to a Shinola Runwell bike seat. 

Inside the cabin, the luxury atmosphere continues with seats covered in crème suede upholstery in combination with the Shinola whiskey leather. The seats’ stitching is inspired by Shinola’s brand stripe and is scaled to proportion to fit the size and shape of all seven seats. Additionally, a blue accent was added to correspond to Lincoln’s brand image. Last but not least, the center console features a woven metal mesh finish which continues into the second-row console.

“It’s all about warm, human, and personally crafted experiences, all true to Lincoln DNA, and knowing and feeling that quality of a leather watch strap on your wrist,” comments Liam Butler, Lincoln color and material designer. “That’s what we wanted to recreate here, in everything from the stitching to the copper accents to the various textures – all tying back to the idea of Quiet Flight.”

The Aviator Shinola concept will be displayed during the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance later this month and we hope at least some of its visual enhancements will be offered as an option for the production model.

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