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Building the perfect overlander isn’t easy. That’s why the Dream Weaver from El Kapitan Van Conversions is such an exciting overlander. Instead of spending huge amounts of time developing packaging and assembling the best overlander you can from scratch, Dream Weaver does all the work for you. Now all you need to do is get out there and enjoy the outdoors in a very clever overlander.

El Kapitan Van Conversions starts with a 170 high roof Sprinter van chassis as the base for their Dream Weaver overlander. They then get to work completely customizing the interior to be both comfortable and efficiently packaged. Upfront you will find seating for four with the ability to swivel the leather-trimmed captain's chairs to access the cabin's fold-up tables.

Beyond the seating space upfront, there’s an open kitchen area that features dual electric burners next to a full-sized sink. A custom cutting board fits on top of the sick to increase the size of the food prep area. A bathroom is adjacent to the kitchen with a full shower stall.

Beyond the kitchen and bathroom lies a seating area with a large fold-up table. At night a custom platform can be installed to create a roomy sleeping area that is elevated off of the floor. This unique utilization of space is a perfect example of how purchasing a complete overlander allows you to enjoy fully developed comfort solutions.

The onboard air conditioner and other electrics are power by a 315 AMP Hour lithium-Ion battery that is charged via two 90 watt roof-mounted solar panels. The battery is also charged by the truck’s alternator or can be plugged in using an adaptor.

The perfect overlander is hard to find, but the Dream Weaver comes close. Thanks to its smart packaging and well-developed comfort systems this is a great truck to keep you comfortable while adventuring to your next dream location.

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